Marketing Plan Maker -̶̶ the  premier marketing consulting firm helping companies and organizations reach their marketing potential.

We provide professional marketing plans, tools, techniques and services to help you achieve your business goals!

Who We Are?

Marketing Plan Maker is on the cutting edge of internet marketing systems, training and consulting. We offer proven internet marketing products, services and training designed to grow your business profitably.

Planning out your marketing strategies is a key step in any business and an integral part of running a successful organisation. Without a concrete aim you can't even get off the ground, let alone have higher goals to reach.

Marketing Plan Maker is the first phrase in all things marketing. Our team of experts have created tools which will help you create your own plan for marketing, to reach your personal and business goals.

New Here?

Are you new on this website? Peruse some of the services we offer below...

Goals and Goal Setting

An online goal setting tool which enables continuous improvement. Set smart goals and create a personal action plan for attaining them.

Online Marketing Plans

A step-by-step guide to creating your own marketing plans using proven templates and samples to help inspire you.

Measuring Results

We will provide a simple and effective solution designed to give your marketing team an overview of their company's performance across multiple channels.


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Jerry Schritz - INTELEGIST LLC

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